Cyclops’ optic blasts are not lasers -they only have concussive force- and they don’t generate any heat.
Sometimes writers don’t know about that, forget, or joke about it (we made the same mistake on a fact a while ago).

Source (and Uncanny X-Men #391/#502)

That was knee slapping funny. Ha!

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this is the most important picture on the entire internet

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by Rap Poems

wtf is lil wayne talking about?

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Digital Rotoscope, 2014.

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30 Day Challenge // Day 25 // Something From Mythology

Though I’m not really a fan of where the story has gone, I’ve always loved the mythology of Doctor Who. Recently the 50th Anniversary depicted a Gallifreyan painting which was a moment in time captured in a picture, literally. So, I was curious about what a Gallifreyan sculpture might look like. I imagined it as a TARDIS in a time where everything is gone and all that’s left of these relics is the box of time they contained and the shell has withered leaving only scrambled, fluctuating moments in time from when it was alive. Almost like it’s dreaming.

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Strange and twisted portraits by Korean artist Kim Byungkwan.

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30 Day Challenge // Day 24 // Something That Represents Your Favorite Culture

I’m Buddhist and I’ve always loved the imagery even before I was. The wrathful deities from Tibetan and Mahayana art always fascinated me as a kid. They were like transformations the gods took on in battle. Like a monster magical girl I guess. His is name is Mahakala. Power Prism Make Up.

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